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"I was very close to losing my home, do to the turn in the economy. Instead of trying to sell or rent my home, Jason showed me the right people to contact. Because of Jason's advise my family and I were able to stay in our home and work with the bank to clear our debt. Milligan Realty could of seized this opportunity to sell my home and make money. Instead they helped me and my family through this tough time. I would highly recommend Milligan Realty for any real-estate needs you might have. You know your are getting the right advice, and truly good and honest people "

Mark - Norwalk, CT

"It is hard to put into words the amount of respect and gratitude that we have for Jason and his team at Milligan Realty. To most, he achieved the impossible. To us, he tactfully executed what most other realtors know nothing about, a Short Sale.

After 5 consecutive years of countless showings, numerous offers, and endless sleepless nights, we signed a contract with Milligan Realty. The very first offer that we received with Jason was the offer that was approved by our lender, which happened to be the lowest that we had ever seen.

What I now know is this, there are those that will promise splendid open houses with "twinkling jazz and the smell of freshly baked cookies" and those who will sell properties. As far as we are concerned, if you want to sell cookies, open a bakery. If you want to sell your house, call Jason.

When Jason called to say congratulations, my wife in some words stated that he was among the top 3 men in her life. I am pretty sure I am one of them, but at that moment, I am not sure if I was #1, and that's ok."

Michael & Kenleigh – Westport, CT 

"Selling a house can be very stressful, but it is particularly stressful and unpleasant when it's due to other negative changes in your life. Given our circumstances coupled with the fact that our house was going to sell short, we were anticipating a difficult battle and lengthy process. Jason was just the right person to handle this for us. His knowledge and experience in this area of real estate was evident throughout. He never promised anything he couldn't deliver, and kept a positive outlook the entire time. He remained professional and sensitive and always kept us informed. The end result was proof. We were completely cleared of the deficiency and had a smooth transition to the new owners. I would recommend Jason for absolutely any real estate need."

Withheld - Fairfield, CT

"It I was involved in a short sale that was complicated by a bankruptcy, and Jason Milligan was instrumental in finally getting everything approved and processed. We had to start over a few times, but he was always professional and positive, assuring me that it would all work out in the end, and it finally did! Throughout the process Jason sent me weekly emails and checked in with me to let me know how things were progressing, I would definitely recommend him, when you are involved in a short sale you need someone experienced who knows the ropes and that is Jason Milligan"

Withheld - Norwalk, CT 

"Jason is the utmost professional. I was very impressed how painless he made the whole process - communication was constant - he made sure that I always knew where we were in the process and why things were happening. With his knowledge of the industry, the process and being able to cut through the paperwork and get things done. Well....the closing was today... Thank you, Jason

Sylvia - Stamford, CT

"Jason deployed techniques that deviate from typical realtor practices, but his results were outstanding and we are very happy with the final outcome.

Withheld - Norwalk, CT

 Jason did an excellent job helping me through my short sale. I was forced to transfer to the west coast during the recession of 2008-2009. I tried to rent my house out which was a money loosing ordeal from the start and turned into a nightmare when my renter went bad and stopped paying. With Jason and his staff's help, a buyer was found, a deal was made with my mortgage company, and the deal closed last month. Although I've never met Jason face to face, I consider him to be more than a realtor, I consider him to be a friend that helped me through a difficult period in my life, and I feel like I am now on the road to recovery.

   GeorgeNorwalk, CT

 "Jason is driven! He works 24/7 and always negotiates with all parties involved what is in the best interests of his clients. I was pleasantly surprised with his level of commitment. I would not hesitate to work with him again."

Withheld – New Canaan, CT

  "As you know we were very nervous about doing a short sale. We lost sleep over our first missed mortgage payment. After we met with you we felt so much better. You explained the process and our options very clearly and you obviously know what you are doing. The entire process moved along as you predicted. We are so thankful for your help."

Joe & Stacie – Fairfield, CT

 "I found your name after Google searching Bank of America Short Sale and I am so thankful that I did. The house was a noose around my neck for too long. It drained every last bit of savings and then some. I still can't believe that I was able to collect rent for 6 months during the process and that you got both banks to approve the short sale without any strings attached. No money from me at closing or a note...Thank you so much."

Norma – Stamford, CT

 “Your initial consultation was such a relief. To realize I am not alone and to understand the process allowed me to sleep at night. Before I met you I felt trapped and hopeless. It worked out exactly as you explained it would.”

Withheld – Stamford, CT 

 “When I first talked to Jason I was very concerned about the consequences of the short sale. It all seemed too good to be true. I couldn’t believe how long I was able to remain living in my condo. I also couldn’t believe how low the ultimate price was. In the end I was given a complete release from the mortgage and I am working on rebuilding.”

Joe – Norwalk, CT 

 “I owned a rental property in Norwalk that was losing money and the value had dropped so far below the mortgage balance that I was stuck. The short sale took almost a year. The tenant continued to live there and pay rent until about 6 weeks before the sale. Throughout the process I was updated regularly and I was very pleased with the results.”

Withheld – Norwalk, CT

 “Before we called you our life was miserable. Creditors were calling and our house was in foreclosure. Getting out from under the house was such a relief. The other creditors were manageable once the house was gone.”

 Withheld – Norwalk, CT

 “The 2-family property I owned went up to one day before the foreclosure sale date. Thanks to you the bank gave us a 60 day extension which allowed me to collect another $10,000 in rent. When the sale eventually went though there was no out of pocket expenses and I was released from the mortgage.”

Phil - New Canaan, CT 

 “Some of the other Realtors we spoke to before we hired you didn’t have a clue how to handle a short sale and one didn’t even know what it meant. Hiring an expert made such a difference. This was a painful, embarrassing part of our life and your discretion and overall knowledge was greatly appreciated. It took some time, but you kept us well informed and in the end the bank accepted a $500,000 loss and gave a complete release from the shortfall. Thank you.”

Withheld - New Canaan, CT

 “When Jim lost his job we first started burning though our savings, but then it just became impossible to afford the 2 mortgages. The house was almost $900,000 underwater. Thank you for getting the short sale approved. Jim is starting to work again and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Jim & Jennifer – Weston, CT 

 “We didn’t think it was possible to get out from under our house without filing for bankruptcy. Both loans were breathing down our neck. The short sale saved our marriage and our sanity. Thanks for all the help.”

S. & C. – Trumbull, CT 

 “Thanks for all of your help. I still can’t believe you pulled it off.”

J – Norwalk, CT

 “We modified our loan about a year ago, but it still wasn’t enough make it work. Eventually we realized that a short sale was the only way. Thank you for listening to our situation and taking care of everything.”

Withheld – Fairfield, CT 

 “Thank you for all of your patience. We know that it was difficult to put up with us for 6 months while we sifted through our issues. Sorry that we didn’t do the short sale. If this loan modification doesn’t work out or if the 2nd mortgage isn’t willing to modify we will definitely be calling you.”

Withheld – Fairfield, CT

 “Work was slow and I was considering filing bankruptcy before I called you. I still can’t believe that the bank accepted less than half of what I owed and I was released. I am so glad that I didn’t have to file!”

Eric – Bridgeport, CT 

 “I don’t know what we would have done if the bank didn’t accept the $1,000,000 loss. This was a life changer.”

 Withheld LLC – Bridgeport, CT

 "All went well.....moving in slowly and am very excited....thanks for were terrific Junius...........and very patient with me....will recommend you to anyone.....enjoy the weather......" 

Janet – Norwalk, CT

 "Junius, thanks a LOT for this.  Couldn't have done it without you.  I'll definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for a place :)  Appreciate everything"


 "Junius!  The new apartment is great!  Niki and I cannot thank you enough for your help. I will be sure to recommend you to all of the systems engineering new hires!"  

Ryan Weeks

 "Junius,  We didn't forget you!! Thank you for Everything!! You are the best! Congrats on your #1 Status.  Come visit soon!"

The Koch Family

 "Todd was a very reliable, helpful, responsible, experienced, and professional realtor; my experience with him was overall highly positive. After months of mindless web surfing, I started to seriously look for a place to live in Norwalk just around a month prior to my move-in date. I contacted Todd by email about my situation and rental preferences (price range, bedroom #, proximity, etc), and he immediately provided me with a list of places to rent. Mind you, the list was not some blind list that disregarded the preferences, but rather a truly relevant list that reflected my criteria. At that time, I was still in Michigan and not really willing to make a trip to Norwalk for an apartment hunting. Todd accommodated this preference of mine and even kindly recorded awesome videos of a few places I prioritized. Todd's knowledge on the area and housing in general is so neat that he answered all my questions right on. He patiently kept up with me and my large pack of inquiries even though all this process happened through the holiday season in December. I can go on and on about this, but the bottom-line is that Todd was an excellent realtor who truly lives up to the title "Norwalk's #1 Real Estate Agent". I definitely would work with him again if I am to find a new place in this area."

   Jonathan - Norwalk

 “I never knew buying a home could be this easy!  Todd showed his experience and professionalism from Day 1 and was always available to answer questions.  Amazingly enough, finding the perfect house was the easiest part of my move.  When I was handling all other moving matters, I knew everything related to the house was in good hands.  I would strongly recommend that anyone moving to Fairfield County should consider hiring Todd as their real estate agent.  This process couldn’t have been any easier!”

Adam Kirshner – South Norwalk, CT

 “I first met Todd 2 years ago when helped me find my first apartment. He was very professional, informative and punctual. When I decided to start looking to purchase my first home this summer I knew I had to contact Todd. Todd helped me draw up a list of must have and nice to have features to aid him in our search. Once we finally found a place Todd detailed every step of the purchasing process and made himself available when I needed to reach him. Todd is an excellent agent and I will work with him again in the future.”

Nigel - Norwalk, CT

 “As a first-time homebuyer I was daunted with all it would take to purchase a house.  However, Todd made it very easy for me and answered all my questions.  He guided me through the whole process with timely e-mails and referrals.  I consider Todd to be very professional and knowledgeable and would recommend him to anyone purchasing in the Norwalk area.”

Sondra Kelly – Norwalk, CT

 Todd made our potentially stressful move from NYC to Norwalk easy and stress-free!  We were completely unfamiliar with Norwalk and after findingTodd on the internet, emailed him asking about Norwalk house rentals.  He wrote back with great tips for our search along with detailed instructions on using the rental search tool on his site.  After perusing his site for a few weeks, we made a list of houses we wanted to see and set up a time to meet withTodd.  He was on-time, friendly, and happy to show us around Norwalk (he even shared his tip on the best pizza in town!).

After finding the home we wanted, Todd was available every step of the way from our application to our many questions to coordinating picking up our keys.  He even checked in on us after our move to make sure we were all set. I would highly recommend Todd to anyone searching for an apartment or home in Norwalk.  He’s the best!”

Beth & Jeff – East Norwalk, CT

 Todd is a good man.  He listened to what we said we wanted even when we didn’t say it, and he was patient with our unrealistic demands even when he didn’t have to be.  He outlasted all the other agents, and above all, he understood our tastes better than anyone else out there.  Ultimately, he found us a great place.  For either your real estate or therapeutic needs, I strongly recommend Todd Turcotte.”

Andrew Allen – South Norwalk, CT

 “I cannot express how grateful I am that my husband and I found Todd before our move to CT! We were moving from Missouri and had no idea where to look for a rental, and no time to learn! We figured we were on our own since we were renting and not buying. We found Todd on a site somewhere, however, and he was invaluable. He answered the dozens of questions we came up with and was beyond diligent in checking out places for us. He even went so far as to take detailed videos during walk-throughs since we couldn’t be there to view the places in person! All the properties he showed us were suitable, but we were able to eliminate a few places from the videos–so grateful that we did not find out about the places’ faults when we moved in!

Even though we were renting as opposed to buying, the process was extremely stressful long-distance. It’s hard not knowing the areas and not knowing what places look and feel like “in person.” Todd was our eyes and ears on the ground here in Norwalk and very patiently answered all the questions we had. I can’t imagine what kind of place we would have ended up in if it weren’t for him!

I have been meaning to write this testimonial since we moved in this summer, but time has gotten away from me. I’m kind of glad it has, because now I can also add that Todd has diligently checked in at regular intervals to see how we’re doing in our rental. He has sent several quick emails making sure everything is okay and asking if we have any concerns or questions. It’s nice to know that he didn’t just find us a place and then forget about us! I feel that he really had our back throughout this whole process and that he would have done anything to make sure we found a place we were happy in. I can’t recommend Todd any more strongly to anyone considering moving to the area, especially if you’re moving from out of state! Todd is a real life-saver!

Jen & Mike B. – Norwalk, CT

 Todd Turcotte has been a valuable asset to our company in leasing our residential rental apartments.  He takes care of the entire rental process, from marketing and advertising to lease signing and giving keys.  This frees up more time for us to work on other projects.  He fills our rentals with well qualified tenants and keeps our vacancies very low. On top of everything, we now receive more income for each apartment than we did in the past.  I would recommend Todd and his services to any landlord, large or small.”

John DiScala, Sedona Group LLC – Norwalk, CT

 Todd is an efficient professional and friendly person to deal with who goes above and beyond the call of duty.  We had a preference for specific areas of Norwalk and he accommodated our criteria and gently expanded our horizons with some other options.  Todd’s services are supplemented with online access to listings with pictures which helps make the process very efficient.  We had some time to decide on our next place and he was fine with working with us for as long as we needed in order to find the place we wanted to call home.

He was able to give us a read on how reasonable the prices were for each place considering many factors so when we found our place, priced to move, he helped us jump right on it.  He was quick with his responses, immediately responsive with scanned documents and even kept in touch with us during his vacation while we were signing the lease and waiting for confirmation.  He worked to get answers for all of our detailed questions for the landlords and made sure all of our questions were answered before he was done.

We ended up in a townhouse in a small complex and we’re so happy there.  The price is comparable to our last apartment but it is an upgrade in so many ways and as a bonus, our place came with great landlords. Todd followed up with us the day before moving day and after we had settled in to make sure everything went smoothly.  He’s Norwalk’s #1 rental agent for good reason!”

Deb & Jen - Norwalk, CT

 “Working with Todd has been an absolute pleasure. Todd went above and beyond to help us find our new home. He always responded to all our questions quickly, paying attention to details and offering advice along the way. We would recommend Todd to all our friends and family.”

Lucie & Jim – Stamford, CT

 “Todd Turcotte is very professional and friendly. From the time we first discussed our rental property until we finished the transaction, he made everything so smooth and easy. We didn’t need to worry about anything. He didn’t just helping us with the listing, he also gave us so many useful suggestions.

We had so much confidence with him after discussing our listing with him; we know he is the right person to take care of our rental property.  He made our potentially stressful task into a pleasant one. We would definitely recommend Todd to anyone.”

Mathew’s Family – Norwalk, CT

 Todd Turcotte is a pleasure to work with – he is extremely professional, thoughtful and knowledgeable. With very little notice, Todd created a comprehensive target list of properties for me that fit my budget and location needs and carved time out of his weekend to spend showing me each listing. After I decided on the right property, Todd did a tremendous job following up and making the whole process run smoothly. I can’t recommend Todd highly enough.”

Jan van Arsdale – South Norwalk, CT

 Todd Turcotte made my rental experience completely stress free.  I only had a few weeks to find a new place, but Todd guided me through the process, using his impressive knowledge of the Norwalk rental market to he was able to put together a list of apartments that were exactly what I wanted.  From the first apartment he showed me to signing my lease, Todd was a pleasure to work with.”

Drake - Norwalk, CT

 “I saved so much time finding a place by working with Todd. After securing a new position at a growing company in Stamford, I set out to find a place in lower Fairfield County. I had only been to the area a couple of times before and certainly didn’t know my way around. Todd was able to educate me regarding real estate in Norwalk and Stamford (the two towns I considered living in) and he also was able to answer my questions about transportation options, restaurants, things to do, and other aspects of each city. Todd asked me specific questions to figure out exactly what I was looking for, and then emailed listings to me so I could let him know what looked appealing.

Todd set up all the appointments and we were able to look at places in MUCH LESS time than it would have taken me by myself.  With his knowledge of the market he was able to get me a great place, below asking price, and helped answer all the questions I had about the lease. Todd checked in after I was settled in my new place just to make sure all was well.  I look forward to working with Todd in the near future to buy my first place.  I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else!”

Brian Zito - Norwalk, CT

 Todd has been a great Realtor to work with.  We were completely confident that one of the biggest purchases we would ever make was in good hands.  We first met Todd when we were looking for an apartment in Norwalk.  My wife and I were looking for our first place together and we both had specific criteria on our list. Todd was great the whole time, giving us pros and cons to each apartment we looked at.

Once our lease was up, we knew who to contact… Todd.  This time we were looking to buy a home. Todd was great; he worked around our schedules to meet and see houses and explored every option with us.  Even after 2 deals fell through, Todd was eager to find us what we wanted. Finally we found the house of our dreams, a cute 1950’s Cape, thanks to Todd and his hard work.  I would recommend Todd to anyone.  You will not be disappointed!”

Alejandra & Joe - Norwalk, CT

 Todd was a huge help to our family!  We found out towards the middle/end of October that we were moving from San Antonio, TX to Connecticut and started looking online for places to live in the Stamford/Norwalk area.  I requested information on multiple listings and Todd was the only agent to get back to me, and he did so very quickly!

We flew to CT about a week later and met Todd to check out listings.  He came very well prepared with a full list of places, along with a map, and even a pen to write with!  He took us around for the good part of the day and even rearranged his schedule the next day so we could find a backup incase our first choice fell through.  Todd continued to stay in close contact throughout the whole process until we moved into our new place in CT!  He truly went above and beyond to help us find the place we could feel comfortable calling home!”

Jessica & James - Norwalk, CT

 “I worked with Todd for the past year in the search to buy a home.  Todd was very patient during my search, as it took a year to find the place I wanted to buy.  He told me he’d be there to help no matter how long it took, as I was beginning to feel frustrated in my search.  Todd had set me up with Listingbook, which is a great search tool.   He was very accommodating to my schedule.  He is very friendly and helpful.  He was quick to get answers to all of my questions and has followed up afterwards to see how things are going.  I enjoyed having Todd as my Realtor.”

Kim S. - Stamford, CT

 “Given my poor experiences with rental agents in the past, working with Todd was a breath of fresh air to say the least. His responsiveness and flexibility was beyond my expectations. He accommodated our schedule, even when it changed last minute. He was in constant communication with us, answering questions and providing almost daily updates on where our application and offer stood. I have recommended him to our friends and family in the area, and plan to work with him again when we are ready to move on.

Todd is by far the best rental agent I’ve ever worked with.”

Kate & David - East Norwalk, CT

 Todd was incredibly helpful to us as we planned and executed a move across the country.  A busy schedule and tight funds kept us from being able to fly to Norwalk in order to look at apartments, but Todd provided the tools and advice that we needed to make the move seamlessly.  We feel like Todd is very perceptive of the level of service his clients need / want.  He was hands-off when that worked best for us, but was willing to go the extra mile when it was crunch time for getting a lease signed.  Our landlord was so impressed with Todd that she is going to use him for her next rental.  We would recommend Todd to anyone moving to the area.”

Brian & Shelley - East Norwalk, CT

 Todd was by far the best realtor we worked with, and we spoke to too many to count. His organization made us feel so well taken care of; I was so glad we found him. He did all the heavy lifting for us, giving me more time to do the other things I needed to get done during the whole moving process. We had very specific needs/wants, and he never argued them or made us feel like we were asking too much from what was on the market. He just took what we wanted and did what he needed to get results. We chose one of many great places he had to show us, and we are very happy with our new apartment.”

Christal – Norwalk, CT

 Todd Turcotte made our cross-country move possible. My wife and I were moving to Connecticut from Utah and were completely unfamiliar with the area. Due to a busy graduate program, work, and consulting engagements I was on at the time, we were unable to schedule a house/apartment hunting trip and decided to try to make the move blind. However, I would hardly consider our move being done blindly since we had the help of Todd in finding an apartment. He gave us access to many tools which allowed us to search online and send him places we were interested in. Todd, with unexpected haste, would send pictures, personalized videos, and all the details we wanted to know. He was always willing to work with our schedule and never became frustrated with our endless requests. Even once we decided on a place, he helped us negotiate a price, fill out paperwork, and was there to greet us in Connecticut when we arrived. He provided a priceless service and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone with similar needs.

He provided skillful service with class and we are so grateful we stumbled upon him. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy rental agent, look no further!”

Tracy & Hanna - Norwalk, CT

 “Having moved to Norwalk from a college town in Midwest, I was initially overwhelmed with the apartment hunting process and one of my colleagues suggested Todd for finding an apartment. Todd simplified the whole process and showed me apartments that met my exact needs (and a stringent budget). He was well organized and showed me more apartments in two hours than what I managed to see over two weekends on my own. He constantly kept me informed about the leasing process for my apartment and made sure everything was fine, even a few weeks after I moved into my new place. I would definitely recommend him to all my friends and colleagues looking to find a place in Norwalk.”

Ezhil - Norwalk, CT

 Todd is a consummate professional – he is quick, courteous and delivers superb results. I was in need of an apartment with short notice, and he was immediately able to show me a range of options that met and exceeded my every need. He was a pleasure to work with on all fronts, and I highly recommend him for anyone looking for exceptional options and impeccable service.”

Arthur Matuszewski – Norwalk, CT

 “My girlfriend and I had a great experience working with Todd Turcotte, from Milligan Realty, to find an apartment. We appreciated his sensitivity to the tight schedule in which we needed to find a place as well as his patience in helping us find one which fully satisfied our desires. Finding a home, whether renting or buying, can be a stressful situation, so having someone like Todd who knows the area and consequently the market, is crucial. Needless to say, we found a great place and, showing impressive service to the end, Todd checked in with us a few weeks after we were moved in, just to make sure everything went smoothly.”

Glen Davis - Norwalk, CT

 Todd Turcotte made our first rental experience a great one! He was very organized and knowledgeable about the area. We were in a rush to find a home and Todd met with us on a holiday weekend and showed us about 6 places, one of which was the condo we decided to rent. Even after we found the place we wanted Todd made sure that we had all of our paper work ready, all of the information that we needed and set everything up for us to fit our schedules so the process would go as smoothly as possible.

Todd was even kind enough to ‘check up’ with us a few times after we were in to see how we liked it. If we ever look to rent another place in Norwalk Todd will be the first person we call.”

Ali & Bob – South Norwalk, CT

"Jason Milligan Real Estate recently concluded a short sale for us on our Connecticut home. Both Jason and Todd Turcotte and the rest of the office personnel were outstanding [5 stars] during the long, drawn out process with the banks. They never lost patience and their communication with my wife and I was perfect, especially since we had moved out of town. I would recommend them to anyone who asks including family and friends. I can't thank them enough."


                                                                                                                                        Jeff and Sandy  - Monroe, CT


Jason Milligan
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